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Shoe Tray Production Line

Serve to Produce Different Sizes, Colors, Shoe Tray Varieties.

Pulp shoe tray making machine crafts shoe trays using a mix of recycled paper and water, which gets molded under high pressure and heat. These trays are eco-friendly, durable, and customizable, thereby greatly reducing the carbon footprint of shoe manufacturing.

Poly shoe tray making machine equipped with 3 to 6 molds on each side allows for rapid production of shoe trays. The machine is also extremely energy-efficient, consuming around 40% less energy than other traditional tray making methods.

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    1-Side Shoe Tray Production Line For Sale

    Poly 1 side shoe tray making machine is one of the most popular machines used in the footwear industry. It is designed to produce a wide range of shoe trays for both men and women, from casual to formal wear.

    The machine has a high production rate of 500-1500pcs/h and has ability to produce shoes with different designs. The Poly 1 side shoe tray making machine has an extensive range of moulds available, allowing for a variety of looks to be produced.

    ModelPLF1-2, PLF1-3, PLF1-4
    Output Capacity (pcs/h)500-1500
    Molds Plate Size850mm x 410mm, 1250mm x 410mm, 1650mm x 410mm
    Drying SystemNatural & Brick & Metal Drying
    Paper Consumption42kg/h, 70kg/h, 105kg/h
    Power33kw, 33kw, 42kw

    PLF1-2 Shoe Tray Molding Machine

    · Capacity: 500-700pcs/h

    · Molds Quantities: 2 sets

    PLF1-3 Shoe Tray Molding Machine

    · Capacity: 800-1200pcs/h

    · Molds Quantities: 3 sets

    PLF1-4 Shoe Tray Molding Machine

    · Capacity: 1200-1500pcs/h

    · Molds Quantities: 4 sets

    4-Side Shoe Tray Production Line For Sale

    Our 4 side pulp shoe tray making machine is the ideal solution for businesses who are looking to produce a high volume of shoe trays quickly and efficiently. This machine is designed with four sides, allowing it to make 1800 to 3000 pieces of shoe trays in an hour with ease.

    The machine also has an adjustable speed feature that allows you to adjust the production rate of your shoe tray production according to demand.

    If you are looking for a medium sized scale machine, Poly PLF3-4 and PLF4-4 are your best bet. Each machine comes with 4 sets of molds, allowing you to make different styles of shoe trays in one go.

    ModelPLF3-4, PLF4-4
    Output Capacity (pcs/h)1800-3000
    Molds Plate Size1250mm x 470mm, 1470mm x 470mm
    Drying SystemNatural & Brick & Metal Drying
    Paper Consumption175kg/h, 210kg/h
    Power45-57kw, 50-60kw

    PLF3-4 Shoe Tray Molding Machine

    · Capacity: 1800-2500pcs/h

    · Mold Quantities: 12+3 sets

    PLF4-4 Shoe Tray Molding Machine

    · Capacity: 2500-3000pcs/h

    · Mold Quantities: 16+4 sets

    5-Side Shoe Tray Production Line For Sale

    For businesses that require medium-large scale production of paper pulp shoe trays, the poly PLF4-5 offers an ideal choice. Its low cost and reliable performance make it a great choice for businesses of all sizes.

    Our PLF4-5 machine meets demands of up to 4000pcs/h capacity. It has a hydraulically operated forming station for the accurate and repeatable production. For efficient production, the poly PLF4-5 provides a quick setup time and easy-to-use operations for operators. The machine is is ruggedly built using high quality components that ensure long lasting performance and reliable operation.

    So, if you are looking for an affordable and reliable solution for your production of paper pulp trays, then the poly PLF4-5 is definitely worth considering.

    Output Capacity (pcs/h)3000-4000
    Molds Plate Size1800mm x 470mm
    Drying SystemNatural & Brick & Metal Drying
    Paper Consumption280kg/h

    8-Side Shoe Tray Production Line For Sale

    Have large shoe tray business production needs? Look no further than a Poly 8 side paper shoe tray making machine. This advanced piece of machinery is designed to make large volumes of shoe trays quickly and efficiently, allowing you to keep up with demand without compromising quality.

    Its capacity ranges from 4000 to 11000pcs/h, perfect for companies with high production needs.

    Compatible with brick dryers and automatic multi-layer metal dryers, the Poly 8 side paper tray machine ensures efficient processing of all kinds of shoe trays quickly. Thanks to its fully automatic control system, this pulp shoe tray making machine is easy to operate even by unskilled personnel.

    ModelPLF4-8, PLF5-8, PLF6-8, PLF8-8
    Output Capacity (pcs/h)4000-11000
    Molds Plate Size1470mm x 470mm, 1790mm x 470mm, 2100mm x 470mm, 2900mm x 470mm
    Drying SystemBrick & Metal Drying
    Paper Consumption315kg/h, 420kg/h, 490kg/h, 630kg/h
    Power90-135kw, 130-147kw, 180-220kw, 250-280kw

    PLF4-8 Shoe Tray Molding Machine

    · Capacity: 4000-5000pcs/h

    · Molds Quantities: 32+4 sets

    PLF5-8 Shoe Tray Molding Machine

    · Capacity: 4500-5500pcs/h

    · Molds Quantities: 40+5 sets

    PLF6-8 Shoe Tray Molding Machine

    · Capacity: 6000-7000pcs/h

    · Molds Quantities: 48+6 sets

    PLF8-8 Shoe Tray Molding Machine

    · Capacity: 10000-11000pcs/h

    · Molds Quantities: 64+8 sets

    Poly Shoe Tray Production Line Mechanization

    Poly Machinery offers a range of shoe tray making machines to suit different production needs. Let’s take a closer look at the Poly manual shoe tray making machine, the semi-automatic shoe tray molding machine, and the fully automatic shoe tray molding production line:

    1. Poly Manual Shoe Tray Making Machine:

    The Poly manual shoe tray making machine is a simple and compact machine that is operated manually. It is suitable for small-scale or startup businesses that have lower production requirements. This machine allows for the natural air drying of the trays. It offers a cost-effective solution for producing shoe trays with lower production capacities.

    2. Poly Semi-Automatic Shoe Tray Molding Machine:

    The Poly semi-automatic shoe tray molding machine combines manual and automated processes. It offers higher production capacities compared to the manual machine. This machine includes automatic pulp feeding and vacuum forming processes, reducing the need for manual labor while increasing efficiency. The drying process is done by brick dryer. The semi-automatic machine strikes a balance between affordability and increased productivity.

    3. Poly Fully Automatic Shoe Tray Molding Production Line:

    The Poly fully automatic shoe tray molding production line is a highly efficient and automated solution for large-scale production. This comprehensive production line integrates processes such as pulping, molding, drying, and stacking. It significantly reduces labor requirements and improves production capacity. The machine automatically feeds the pulp mixture, forms the trays, conveys them to automatic metal dryer, and even performs stacking in some models. It offers a streamlined and continuous operation, ensuring a high output of quality shoe trays.

    Manual Shoe Tray Mold Production Line

    Semi Auto Shoe Tray Molding Machine

    Automatic Shoe Tray Production Line

    What Poly Shoe Tray Production Line Offers

    Poly Machinery is a trusted leader in the manufacture of shoe tray molding machines. Our machines offer superior quality and reliability, with advanced design features that ensure reliable and efficient production.

    Increased Quality

    Our machines are designed using advanced technology for faster production cycles, with minimal waste and maximum efficiency.

    Multiple Uses

    Except for shoe trays, Poly machines also can produce other fruit trays, egg trays, bottle trays, coffee cup trays, industrial trays, etc.

    32% Efficiency Improvement

    Poly machine has high-speed molding process, improved power consumption, and automated system for faster production cycles.

    Save 27% on Overall Cost

    This efficient and cost-effective machine not only helps increase production efficiency but also significantly lowers expenses.

    Specifications of Poly Shoe Tray Molding Machine

    Specifications of small output shoe tray making machine:

    Output capacity500-700pcs/h800-1200pcs/h1200-1500pcs/h
    Molds plate size850MMX410MM1250MMX410MM1650MMX410MM
    Molds quantites2sets3sets4sets
    Operation modeInverted suction molding
    Molding cycle6-7 times/minute
    Paper consumption42KG/H70KG/H105KG/H
    Drying methodsA: Natural air drying of products through sunlight and natural breeze
    B: Automatic conveyor bricks building drying oven
    C: automatic 6 layers metal drying oven
    The equipment capacity is calculated based on the production of 30 trays, with a size of 300 * 300mm and a dry tray weight of 70g. Various specifications of molds and equipment can be customized according to customer requirements for configuration adjustment.

    Specifications of medium output shoe tray making machine:

    Output capacity1800-2500pcs/h2500-3000pcs/h3000-4000pcs/h4000-5000pcs/h
    Molds plate size1250MMX470MM1470MMX470MM1800MMX470MM1470MMX470MM
    Molds quantites12+3sets16+4sets20+5sets32+4sets
    Operation modeRotary drum adsorption molding
    Molding cycle10-15 times/minute
    Paper consumption175KG/H210KG/H280KG/H315KG/H315KG/H
    Drying methodsA: Natural air drying of products through sunlight and natural breeze×
    B: Automatic conveyor bricks building drying oven
    C: automatic 6 layers metal drying oven
    The equipment capacity is calculated based on the production of 30 trays, with a size of 300 * 300mm and a dry tray weight of 70g. Various specifications of molds and equipment can be customized according to customer requirements for configuration adjustment.

    Specifications of large output shoe tray making machine:

    Output capacity4500-5500pcs/h6000-7000pcs/h10000-11000pcs/h
    Molds plate size1790MMX470MM2100MMX470MM2900MMX470MM
    Molds quantites40+5sets48+6sets64+8sets
    Operation modeRotary drum adsorption molding
    Molding cycle15-22 times/minute
    Paper consumption420KG/H490KG/H630KG/H
    Drying methodsB: Automatic conveyor bricks building drying oven
    C: automatic 6 layers metal drying oven
    The equipment capacity is calculated based on the production of 30 trays, with a size of 300 * 300mm and a dry tray weight of 70g. Various specifications of molds and equipment can be customized according to customer requirements for configuration adjustment.

    Shoe Tray Production Line Price

    Shoe Tray Making Machine ModelsCapacity (70-80g)Reference Price Range
    PLF1-2500-700 pcs/h$8,000-$10,000
    PLF1-3800-1,200 pcs/h$8,500-$11,000
    PLF1-41,200-1,500 pcs/h$9,500-$21,000
    PLF3-41,800-2,500 pcs/h$15,000-$29,500
    PLF4-42,500-3,000 pcs/h$16,000-$75,000
    PLF4-53,000-4,000 pcs/h$24,000-$95,000
    PLF4-84,000-5,000 pcs/h$40,000-$100,000
    PLF5-84,500-5,500 pcs/h$41,000-$121,000
    PLF6-86,000-7,000 pcs/h$49,000-$155,000
    PLF8-810,000-11,000 pcs/h$58,000-$180,000

    Poly Machinery offers high quality paper pulp shoe tray making machines at the best price. Our paper pulp shoe tray making machines are equipped with advanced technology and high performance components, allowing you to produce a large number of quality shoe trays in an efficient and cost effective manner.

    Also, we strive to provide full support service, including site planning, installation, customized solution, etc. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our paper pulp shoe tray making machines, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to helping you find the perfect solution for your needs!

    Advantages of Poly Shoe Tray Making Machine

    The advantages of using a pulp shoe tray making machine are manifold.

    1. Eco-friendly and Sustainable:

    Poly shoe tray making machines use recycled waste paper as the primary raw material. By utilizing waste paper instead of virgin materials, these machines contribute to recycling efforts, reduce deforestation, and promote sustainability.

    Second, the trays produced by these machines are biodegradable and compostable, adding to their eco-friendly appeal.

    2. Cost-effective:

    Waste paper is typically less expensive than other raw materials used in traditional shoe tray production processes. This makes pulp shoe tray making machines a cost-effective option for manufacturing shoe trays.

    Furthermore, our machines provide efficient production with precise molding and minimal waste, reducing operating costs. The high automation level of these machines also leads to labor cost savings.

    3. Consistent Quality:

    The machines ensure consistent quality in each shoe tray produced. By controlling the parameters of pulp consistency, drying time, and compression, the machines can produce trays with uniform thickness, shape, and strength.

    The trays produced are durable, lightweight, and provide excellent protection for shoes during transportation, which is advantageous for shoe manufacturers and retailers.

    4. Versatility in Design:

    Pulp shoe tray making machines allow for the production of shoe trays in various sizes, shapes, and designs. The molds used in the machines can be easily customized or adjusted to meet specific requirements or customer preferences.

    5. Customized Tray Molds:

    Poly Machinery offers customized mold designs for our pulp shoe tray making machines to meet individual customer needs. These molds are tailored to the specific requirements of each customer, ensuring that the finished product meets quality standards.

    6. Efficient Production Process:

    Pulp shoe tray making machines streamline the production process by automatically forming, drying, and stacking the trays. This automation leads to faster production cycles and increased efficiency compared to manual or traditional manufacturing methods.

    Investing in a pulp shoe tray making machine from Poly Machinery is a decision that offers numerous advantages. It’s time to get quick return from small investment. Contact us today to learn more about Poly shoe tray making machines and how our customized mold designs can meet your specific needs.

    Wide Raw Materials Used to Produce Shoe Tray

    When making paper shoe trays through pulp shoe tray molding machines, you have various options for waste paper materials. Here are some types of waste paper commonly used in the production of pulp molds:

    1. Corrugated Cardboard: Cardboard boxes, cartons, and packaging materials made from corrugated cardboard are excellent sources of waste paper. They offer good strength and rigidity to the final shoe trays.

    2. Old Newspapers: Recycled newspapers are commonly used in pulp molding processes. They provide a good source of cellulose fibers and can be easily converted into pulp.

    3. Office Paper: Discarded office papers, including white or colored printer paper, letterhead, envelopes, and other office waste, can be utilized in the production of shoe trays. They are typically of good quality and offer a smooth surface.

    4. Magazines and Catalogs: Glossy or matte magazines, catalogs, and brochures can be shredded and added to the pulp mixture. They can bring visual appeal and colors to the shoe trays.

    5. Tetra Pak Cartons: Tetra Pak cartons, commonly used for packaging liquids such as milk or juice, are also potential sources of waste paper. The cartons have a combination of paper, plastic, and aluminum layers that can be recycled into pulp and molded into trays.

    6. Old Books: Damaged or outdated books can be shredded and mixed with other pulp materials. They can add unique textures and thickness to the shoe trays.

    It’s important to remove any non-paper elements like plastic, metal, or wax coatings from the waste paper before processing it into the pulp mixture. Additionally, ensure that the waste paper is clean and free from contaminants like food residues or chemicals.

    Poly Shoe Tray Molding Machine End Products

    Poly shoe tray making machine has 3-6 molds on each side, mainly used to produce paper shoe trays for any type of shoe. But the molds can be changed to produce egg trays, fruit trays, nursery seedling trays and other paper pulp trays. The paper shoe trays produced by the machine have high strength, good stability, and beautiful appearance.

    The end product of the pulp tray making machine is not only used for stretching shoes in a safe manner but can also be used to package other light weight or fragile items such as small electronics or even fragile pieces of glass. This makes the pulp tray making machine an ideal equipment for industries such as electronics, jewelry and crafts.

    Global Cases

    Shoe Tray Making Machine Delivered to Solomon Islands

    This shoe tray making machine, recently delivered to the Solomon Islands, has received rave reviews for its ease of use, and the quality of products it produces. This machine utilizes pulp molding technology, which is environmentally friendly and produces high-quality, durable shoe trays from recycled materials.

    PLF5-8 Shoe Tray Making Machine Export to Kenya

    The PLF5-8 shoe tray making machine, an innovative solution in the field of pulp molding, has recently been exported to Kenya. This machine, renowned for its efficiency and robustness, uses recycled paper pulp to manufacture shoe trays, providing a cheaper alternative to traditional plastic trays.

    Customer Testimonials


    A Great Investment.

    I’ve been using the Poly shoe tray making machine for my business for the past year. Not only has it boosted productivity, but the trays it creates are sturdy and well formed. It certainly provides value for the money. A great investment!


    from Algeria


    High Efficient.

    I purchased the Poly shoe tray making machine a few months ago and I have had a fantastic experience so far. The machine is robust and highly efficient. It’s incredibly user-friendly and requires minimal maintenance. Would definitely recommend it to others.


    From Uganda

    Process of Shoe Tray Production Line

    Understanding the process of shoe tray production line can help businesses and individuals create high-quality shoe trays efficiently while producing minimal waste. Have a look at Poly shoe tray production line working process.

    1. Pulping Prep

    The shoe tray production process begins with the collection and sorting of waste paper, which is then shredded and mixed with water to create a pulp mixture. This pulp mixture and then is filtered to remove any impurities, such as inks and other debris.

    Major Equipment:

    Hydraulic Pulper

    Pulp Refiner

    Pulp Pump

    Water Pulp

    2. Pulp Molding

    The pulp mixture is then poured into the pulp molding machine, which molds the shoe trays into the desired size and shape. The machine applies a vacuum to remove excess water and create the mold shape, which is then transferred to the drying stage.

    Major Equipment:

    1-Side Molding

    4-Side Molding

    5-Side Molding

    8-Side Molding

    3. Drying

    Once the shoe trays have been molded, they are sent to the drying stage. The drying is done using natural, brick or meta dryer that evaporates any remaining moisture. This process ensures that the shoe trays are completely dry and ready for next stage.

    Major Equipment:

    Natural Dryer

    Brick Dryer

    Automatic Metal Dryer

    4. Packaging

    After the shoe trays have passed quality assurance, they are then packed and ready to be shipped. The packaging process involves the use of a packaging machine or done by hand, where the shoe trays are stacked and wrapped with thin plastic sheets or shrink wrap.

    Major Equipment:

    Hot Press




    Advantages of Paper Pulp Hot Press Machine

    The paper pulp hot press machine offers a multitude of advantages, making it a valuable asset within the paper industry.

    1. Increased Strength and Density:

    The hot press machine applies pressure and heat to the paper pulp, resulting in increased strength and density of the final product. This helps to enhance the durability and structural integrity of the pulp-based items, such as shoe trays.

    Through its hot pressing mechanism, it ensures that each paper product is well-formed, sturdy and exhibits smooth surfaces.

    2. Improved Surface Smoothness:

    The hot pressing process helps to smoothen the surface of the pulp-based products, giving them a more appealing and polished appearance. This is particularly important for shoe trays, as a smooth surface allows for easy placement and removal of shoes.

    Besides, the heat applied during the hot press process improves the moldability of the paper pulp. It helps to achieve more intricate and precise designs, allowing for the creation of customized and aesthetically appealing shoe trays.

    3. Faster Production Cycle:

    Hot pressing reduces the drying time required for the pulp-based products. By applying heat and pressure, the machine accelerates the evaporation of moisture, allowing for faster production cycles and increased efficiency.

    4. Waste Reduction:

    Hot pressing minimizes the wastage of paper pulp. The improved moldability and increased density of the pulp result in reduced trimming and waste during the production process.

    5. Consistent Quality:

    The hot press machine ensures consistent quality and uniformity in the final products. By controlling the temperature, pressure, and pressing time, it produces shoe trays with consistent thickness, shape, and surface characteristics.

    Upgrade your production process with our paper pulp hot press machine for faster, smoother, waste-reducing, high-quality outputs. Quote now!

    What Do You Need to Produce Paper Shoe Trays?

    To make paper shoe trays using a paper pulp molding making machine, the following raw materials are needed:

    1. Waste paper: This can include newspapers, magazines, cardboard, or any other type of paper waste. The waste paper is shredded and soaked in water to form the paper pulp.

    2. Water: Water is used to soak the waste paper and create the paper pulp. It helps in breaking down the fibers and making them malleable for molding.

    3. Binder: A binder is added to the paper pulp to improve its strength and durability. Common binders used in pulp molding include starch, glue, or natural additives like vegetable extracts.

    4. Dyes or pigments (optional): If desired, dyes or pigments can be added to the paper pulp to give the shoe trays a specific color or pattern.

    Additionally, you will need the following materials/equipment for the paper pulp molding process:

    1. Pulp molding machine: This is a specialized machine designed for creating paper products through molding. It helps shape the paper pulp into the desired form, such as shoe trays.

    2. Molds or trays: These are the molds or trays specifically designed for making shoe trays. They provide the shape and form in which the paper pulp will be molded.

    3. Drying equipment: After the paper pulp is molded into shoe trays, they need to be dried. This can be done using a piece of specialized drying equipment.

    Please note that the specific requirements and materials may vary depending on the type and design of the paper pulp molding machine you are using. Contact our experts to get solutions.

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