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Coffee Tray Production Line

Serve to Produce 2-Cup, 4 Cup Coffee/Milk Holder Tray Varieties.

Poly coffee cup tray making machine has proven to be a valuable investment. Its efficient production speed, versatility, and user-friendly design can significantly improve your packaging operations.

What sets this machine apart is its versatility. It can produce different sizes and styles of paper cup trays, offering flexibility to accommodate various cup shapes and sizes. This has allowed you to expand your product range and cater to a wider customer base.

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    1-Side Coffee Cup Tray For Sale

    With its remarkable capacity of 500-1500pcs/h, Poly 1 side coffee cup tray making machine ensures high productivity and efficiency and quick return for small business owners.

    Our 1-side inverted suction molding feature sets this machine apart from others in the market. Using high-quality aluminum molds, it enables the production of coffee cup trays with excellent precision, durability, and aesthetics. The inverted suction molding technology allows for seamless and consistent forming of the trays, resulting in a flawless end product.

    ModelPLF1-2, PLF1-3, PLF1-4
    Output Capacity (pcs/h)500-1500
    Molds Plate Size850mm x 410mm, 1250mm x 410mm, 1650mm x 410mm
    Drying SystemNatural & Brick & Metal Drying
    Paper Consumption42kg/h, 70kg/h, 105kg/h
    Power33kw, 33kw, 42kw

    PLF1-2 Coffee Tray Molding Machine

    · Capacity: 500-700pcs/h

    · Molds Quantities: 2 sets

    PLF1-3 Coffee Tray Molding Machine

    · Capacity: 800-1200pcs/h

    · Molds Quantities: 3 sets

    PLF1-4 Coffee Tray Molding Machine

    · Capacity: 1200-1500pcs/h

    · Molds Quantities: 4 sets

    4-Side Coffee Cup Tray Production Line For Sale

    Poly 4-side coffee cup tray making machine uses advanced technology with PLC control, which ensures steady operation and accurate adjustment. The production line can also be equipped with an auto-stacking system, which improves the speed and accuracy of production.

    If you are just looking for a medium-sized plant, Poly 4 side paper tray making machine with 1800-3000pcs/h capacity at a direct price is your ideal choice.

    ModelPLF3-4, PLF4-4
    Output Capacity (pcs/h)1800-3000
    Molds Plate Size1250mm x 470mm, 1470mm x 470mm
    Drying SystemNatural & Brick & Metal Drying
    Paper Consumption175kg/h, 210kg/h
    Power45-57kw, 50-60kw

    PLF3-4 Coffee Tray Molding Machine

    · Capacity: 1800-2500pcs/h

    · Mold Quantities: 12+3 sets

    PLF4-4 Coffee Tray Molding Machine

    · Capacity: 2500-3000pcs/h

    · Mold Quantities: 16+4 sets

    5-Side Coffee Cup Tray Production Line For Sale

    If you are looking for a way to increase production of paper coffee cup trays, Poly 5 side coffee cup tray making machine with 3000-4000pcs/h capacity is a wise option.

    The machine runs through rotary drum adsorption molding with 5 sides, allowing for efficient and effective production of trays. Besides, this machine is designed, engineered and manufactured to produce trays with high precision, smooth finish and top-notch quality.

    Output Capacity (pcs/h)3000-4000
    Molds Plate Size1800mm x 470mm
    Drying SystemNatural & Brick & Metal Drying
    Paper Consumption280kg/h

    8-Side Coffee Cup Tray Production Line For Sale

    Designed with advanced technology and cutting-edge features, this machine offers unrivaled capabilities for producing high-quality, 8-sided paper coffee cup trays at an impressive production rate. With a capacity of 4000-11000 trays per hour, it is perfectly suited for large-scale coffee cup packaging businesses that require a high-volume output to meet market demands.

    Flexibility and customization are at the core of the Poly 8-side paper coffee cup tray molding machine. Its modular structure enables businesses to tailor the machine according to their specific production needs.

    The production line consists of several seamlessly integrated machines that work together harmoniously to ensure fast and efficient manufacturing processes. These machines include a pulping system, which efficiently processes the raw materials, a molding system that shapes the paper pulp into the unique 8-sided tray design, a drying system that dries and solidifies the trays, and finally, a packing system that prepares the trays for distribution.

    ModelPLF4-8, PLF5-8, PLF6-8, PLF8-8
    Output Capacity (pcs/h)4000-11000
    Molds Plate Size1470mm x 470mm, 1790mm x 470mm, 2100mm x 470mm, 2900mm x 470mm
    Drying SystemBrick & Metal Drying
    Paper Consumption315kg/h, 420kg/h, 490kg/h, 630kg/h
    Power90-135kw, 130-147kw, 180-220kw, 250-280kw

    PLF4-8 Coffee Tray Molding Machine

    · Capacity: 4000-5000pcs/h

    · Molds Quantities: 32+4 sets

    PLF5-8 Coffee Tray Molding Machine

    · Capacity: 4500-5500pcs/h

    · Molds Quantities: 40+5 sets

    PLF6-8 Coffee Tray Molding Machine

    · Capacity: 6000-7000pcs/h

    · Molds Quantities: 48+6 sets

    PLF8-8 Coffee Tray Molding Machine

    · Capacity: 10000-11000pcs/h

    · Molds Quantities: 64+8 sets

    Poly Coffee Cup Tray Production Line Mechanization

    Poly Machinery offers a range of coffee cup tray making machines to suit different production needs. Let’s take a closer look at the Poly manual coffee cup tray making machine, the semi-automatic coffee cup tray molding machine, and the fully automatic coffee cup tray molding production line:

    1. Poly Manual Coffee Cup Tray Making Machine:

    The Poly manual coffee cup tray making machine is a simple and compact machine that is operated manually. It is suitable for small-scale or startup businesses that have lower production requirements. This machine allows for the natural air drying of the trays. It offers a cost-effective solution for producing coffee cup trays with lower production capacities.

    2. Poly Semi-Automatic Coffee Cup Tray Molding Machine:

    The Poly semi-automatic coffee cup tray molding machine combines manual and automated processes. It offers higher production capacities compared to the manual machine. This machine includes automatic pulp feeding and vacuum forming processes, reducing the need for manual labor while increasing efficiency. The drying process is done by brick dryer. The semi-automatic machine strikes a balance between affordability and increased productivity.

    3. Poly Fully Automatic Coffee Cup Tray Molding Production Line:

    The Poly fully automatic coffee cup tray molding production line is a highly efficient and automated solution for large-scale production. This comprehensive production line integrates processes such as pulping, molding, drying, and stacking. It significantly reduces labor requirements and improves production capacity. The machine automatically feeds the pulp mixture, forms the trays, conveys them to automatic metal dryer, and even performs stacking in some models. It offers a streamlined and continuous operation, ensuring a high output of quality coffee cup trays.

    Manual Coffee Cup Tray Mold Production Line

    Semi Auto Coffee Cup Tray Molding Machine

    Automatic Coffee Cup Tray Production Line

    What Poly Coffee Cup Tray Production Line Offers

    Poly Machinery is a trusted leader in the manufacture of coffee cup tray molding machines. Our machines offer superior quality and reliability, with advanced design features that ensure reliable and efficient production.

    Increased Quality

    Our machines are designed using advanced technology for faster production cycles, with minimal waste and maximum efficiency.

    Multiple Uses

    Except for coffee cup trays, Poly machines also can produce other fruit trays, egg trays, bottle trays, shoe trays, industrial trays, etc.

    32% Efficiency Improvement

    Poly machine has high-speed molding process, improved power consumption, and automated system for faster production cycles.

    Save 27% on Overall Cost

    This efficient and cost-effective machine not only helps increase production efficiency but also significantly lowers expenses.

    Specifications of Poly Coffee Cup Tray Molding Machine

    Specifications of small output coffee cup tray making machine:

    Output capacity500-700pcs/h800-1200pcs/h1200-1500pcs/h
    Molds plate size850MMX410MM1250MMX410MM1650MMX410MM
    Molds quantites2sets3sets4sets
    Operation modeInverted suction molding
    Molding cycle6-7 times/minute
    Paper consumption42KG/H70KG/H105KG/H
    Drying methodsA: Natural air drying of products through sunlight and natural breeze
    B: Automatic conveyor bricks building drying oven
    C: automatic 6 layers metal drying oven
    The equipment capacity is calculated based on the production of 30 trays, with a size of 300 * 300mm and a dry tray weight of 70g. Various specifications of molds and equipment can be customized according to customer requirements for configuration adjustment.

    Specifications of medium output coffee cup tray making machine:

    Output capacity1800-2500pcs/h2500-3000pcs/h3000-4000pcs/h4000-5000pcs/h
    Molds plate size1250MMX470MM1470MMX470MM1800MMX470MM1470MMX470MM
    Molds quantites12+3sets16+4sets20+5sets32+4sets
    Operation modeRotary drum adsorption molding
    Molding cycle10-15 times/minute
    Paper consumption175KG/H210KG/H280KG/H315KG/H315KG/H
    Drying methodsA: Natural air drying of products through sunlight and natural breeze×
    B: Automatic conveyor bricks building drying oven
    C: automatic 6 layers metal drying oven
    The equipment capacity is calculated based on the production of 30 trays, with a size of 300 * 300mm and a dry tray weight of 70g. Various specifications of molds and equipment can be customized according to customer requirements for configuration adjustment.

    Specifications of large output coffee cup tray making machine:

    Output capacity4500-5500pcs/h6000-7000pcs/h10000-11000pcs/h
    Molds plate size1790MMX470MM2100MMX470MM2900MMX470MM
    Molds quantites40+5sets48+6sets64+8sets
    Operation modeRotary drum adsorption molding
    Molding cycle15-22 times/minute
    Paper consumption420KG/H490KG/H630KG/H
    Drying methodsB: Automatic conveyor bricks building drying oven
    C: automatic 6 layers metal drying oven
    The equipment capacity is calculated based on the production of 30 trays, with a size of 300 * 300mm and a dry tray weight of 70g. Various specifications of molds and equipment can be customized according to customer requirements for configuration adjustment.

    Coffee Cup Tray Production Line Price

    Coffee Cup Tray Making Machine ModelsCapacity (70-80g)Reference Price Range
    PLF1-2500-700 pcs/h$8,000-$10,000
    PLF1-3800-1,200 pcs/h$8,500-$11,000
    PLF1-41,200-1,500 pcs/h$9,500-$21,000
    PLF3-41,800-2,500 pcs/h$15,000-$29,500
    PLF4-42,500-3,000 pcs/h$16,000-$75,000
    PLF4-53,000-4,000 pcs/h$24,000-$95,000
    PLF4-84,000-5,000 pcs/h$40,000-$100,000
    PLF5-84,500-5,500 pcs/h$41,000-$121,000
    PLF6-86,000-7,000 pcs/h$49,000-$155,000
    PLF8-810,000-11,000 pcs/h$58,000-$180,000

    We are proud to offer excellent after sale service and easy-to-follow operation manual, plan layout assistance, installation service, etc. We use only high-quality materials to build the machines so that it can ensure its durability and stability. And our paper cup tray making machines have been sold in many countries and proven to be reliable with low maintenance cost.

    We strive to offer coffee cup tray making machines with top quality and direct sale price. Both machines or molds can be customized based on your actual requirements and business details.

    With our competitive price, you will be able to get the best return of your investment for every cup tray making machine you purchase. Contact us today to quote your customized solution.

    Wide Raw Materials Used to Produce Coffee Cup Tray

    Various types of waste paper can be used to make paper cup trays. The specific type of waste paper chosen depends on factors such as the quality requirements of the tray, its intended use, and the availability of different waste paper sources. Here are some common types of waste paper that can be utilized:

    1. Old Corrugated Containers: This is a widely used material in the packaging industry and can be recycled into paper cup trays. It consists of used corrugated cardboard boxes and is typically sourced from industrial and commercial establishments.

    2. Mixed Paper: Mixed paper includes different types of paper waste such as office paper, newspapers, magazines, and junk mail. This versatile category of waste paper can be processed and transformed into paper cup trays.

    3. Newsprint: Newspaper waste is another potential source of waste paper for paper cup trays. Newsprint is commonly recycled and can be repurposed into various paper-based products, including cup trays.

    4. Kraft Paper: Kraft paper, which is a sturdy and durable type of paper, can be obtained from sources like grocery bags, packaging materials, or old cardboard tubes. Its strength makes it suitable for producing paper cup trays that require stability and rigidity.

    5. Boxboard: Boxboard typically consists of cereal boxes, shoeboxes, and other similar paperboard packaging materials. This type of waste paper is often used for producing paper cup trays due to its good folding and structural properties.

    6. Pulp Substitutes: Alongside waste paper, alternative fibers and pulps derived from sustainable sources like bamboo, sugar cane, or bagasse (sugarcane waste) can be utilized as substitutes or additives to enhance the properties of the paper cup trays.

    Poly Coffee Cup Tray Molding Machine End Products

    Poly paper coffee cup tray making machine can produce end products beyond just coffee cup trays. The machine shapes the paper pulp into the desired tray design, ensuring uniformity and consistency across each tray. Once produced, the paper coffee cup trays are ready to be used in various coffee shops, cafes, catering services, or other food service establishments. Here are some additional examples:

    Beverage Carriers: These are multi-cup holders that can hold various types of beverages such as coffee cups, soda cans, or juice bottles. The machine can customize the size and number of compartments to accommodate different beverage sizes.

    Milk Tea Cup Holders: Specifically designed for milk tea or bubble tea cups, these holders have larger compartments to accommodate the wider cups typically used for these beverages. The machine can produce milk tea cup holders with specific dimensions and slot sizes to securely hold the cups.

    Juice Cup Trays: These trays are designed to hold individual juice cups, providing a convenient and organized way to serve multiple cups of juice. The machine can create trays with compartments that effectively secure each cup while allowing for easy removal.

    Advantages of Poly Coffee Cup Tray Making Machine End Products

    Paper cup trays produced by Poly paper pulp tray making machine offer several advantages, making them a popular choice for serving and transporting beverages. Here are some key advantages of paper cup trays:

    1. Excellent Cushioning: The material used in paper pulp tray making machines is specifically designed to be strong and resistant to puncture, providing reliable cushioning for beverages. This helps to prevent spills and messes.

    2. Reusability: Designed for multiple uses, paper cup trays can be reused many times before needing to be replaced. This helps to minimize wastage and keep costs low.

    3. Eco-Friendly: The produced paper cup trays are made from recyclable and biodegradable materials, offering a more sustainable alternative to plastic or foam trays. Using paper cup trays reduces environmental impact and aligns with the growing demand for eco-friendly packaging solutions.

    4. Branding and Customization: Paper cup trays can be easily customized with branding, logos, or designs, allowing businesses to enhance their brand visibility and create a cohesive presentation. Customization options include printing or embossing on the trays to promote brand recognition and reinforce brand identity.

    5. Versatility: Paper cup trays can be designed to accommodate various cup sizes and beverage types, ranging from coffee to milk tea, juice, or even smoothie cups. The trays can feature different slot configurations and dimensions, providing versatility in serving different beverages or food items.

    6. Visual Appeal: Paper cup trays can enhance the visual appeal of the served beverages, making them more appealing to customers. Well-designed and printed trays can create an attractive presentation, adding a professional touch to the overall serving experience.

    Global Cases

    Small Coffee Cup Tray Making Machine to Ghana

    Our small coffee cup tray making machine arrived in Ghana. This set is the perfect fit for a small business. It is a semi-automatic machine that can produce up to 2000 pieces per hour.

    PLF1-3 Paper Tray Making Machine Export to India

    PLF1-3 paper tray making machine was ready to be transported to India. The machine was ready to be operated in the most efficient way, minimizing the cost of production while ensuring a high quality output. It is composed of an unwinding unit, a pre-feeding system, a pressing and forming station as well as a stacking system.

    Customer Testimonials


    Easy to Use.

    I recently purchased a paper coffee cup tray making machine for my coffee shop business, and I must say it has been a game-changer. The machine is incredibly efficient and has significantly improved our serving process. With just a few simple steps, we can produce high-quality paper cup trays that securely hold multiple cups. This not only saves us time but also reduces the risk of spills and mishaps during transportation. Moreover, the machine allows us to customize the trays with our logo, adding a professional touch to our branding.

    David Rubaaka

    from Uganda


    Good Performance.

    The trays securely hold individual coffee cups, ensuring easy and spill-free transportation. The best part is the versatility of the machine. I can easily adjust the tray design to accommodate different cup sizes. This level of customization has greatly enhanced our serving options and allowed us to cater to a wide range of customer preferences.

    Moussa dahab

    From Chad

    Advantages of Poly Coffee Cup Tray Making Machine

    Poly paper coffee cup tray making machine offers a number of advantages to users and businesses alike.

    Factory Price

    Poly machinery used to make paper coffee cup trays is available at an affordable, factory price. This makes it much easier for businesses to purchase the necessary machinery and put it to use in their operations.

    High Productivity

    The paper coffee cup tray making machine is designed to be highly productive. It can quickly produce 500-11,000 pieces of paper coffee cup trays in a short period of time, making it ideal for businesses that need to produce different quantities of trays quickly.

    Wide Use in Many Fields

    The paper coffee cup tray making machine is also suitable for producing trays in a variety of sizes and shapes, including fruit trays, egg trays, industrial packaging trays, shoe trays, and more. This makes it a versatile tool that can be used in a variety of industries for different types of products.

    Improve Production Efficiency

    It is an efficient tool that allows for the fast production of trays in a single operation, with less manual labor required. The machine is automated and highly reliable, meaning it is capable of producing consistent and accurate results.

    Save Your Overall Cost

    Additionally, it is an economical option as it can produce a large number of trays quickly and cost-effectively. This allows businesses to save money on labour costs and materials, while still producing quality products. The paper coffee cup tray making machine is also energy efficient, meaning it consumes less electricity compared to other machines. This can help you save on overall production costs.

    Recycle Waste and Turn Them Into New Business Opportunity

    It is environmentally friendly as it helps reduce waste by recycling paper materials into new trays. Not only does this help to protect the environment, but it also creates new business opportunities for businesses to create more products from waste materials.

    Advantages of Poly Molds

    Poly molds, made from aluminum, are an ideal choice for coffee cup tray making machines. These molds offer a number of advantages.

    Durable to Use and Have Long Lifespan

    Firstly, aluminum molds are highly durable and will not easily break down or wear out over time. This makes them a cost-effective investment as they can last for many years with proper maintenance. In addition, aluminum molds do not require frequent replacements and offer a longer lifespan than other material molds. This also helps to reduce production costs and increase efficiency.

    Lightweight and Easy to Manage

    Aluminum molds are lightweight and easy to manage. This makes them an ideal choice for coffee cup tray making machines as the molds can be quickly installed, moved, and removed from the machine. This allows for quick production cycles and reduces downtime associated with changing molds.

    Heat Resistant and Corrosion-Proof

    Aluminum molds are also heat resistant and corrosion-proof. This is important for coffee cup tray making machines, as the high temperatures generated during the production process could damage other materials. Aluminum molds prevent corrosion and can withstand temperature fluctuations without becoming damaged or distorted in shape.

    Process of Coffee Cup Tray Production Line

    Understanding the process of coffee cup tray production line can help businesses and individuals create high-quality coffee cup trays efficiently while producing minimal waste. Have a look at Poly coffee cup tray production line working process.

    1. Pulping Prep

    The coffee tray production process begins with the collection and sorting of waste paper, which is then shredded and mixed with water to create a pulp mixture. This pulp mixture and then is filtered to remove any impurities, such as inks and other debris.

    Major Equipment:

    Hydraulic Pulper

    Pulp Refiner

    Pulp Pump

    Water Pulp

    2. Pulp Molding

    The pulp mixture is then poured into the pulp molding machine, which molds the coffee trays into the desired size and shape. The machine applies a vacuum to remove excess water and create the mold shape, which is then transferred to the drying stage.

    Major Equipment:

    1-Side Molding

    4-Side Molding

    5-Side Molding

    8-Side Molding

    3. Drying

    Once the coffee trays have been molded, they are sent to the drying stage. The drying is done using natural, brick or meta dryer that evaporates any remaining moisture. This process ensures that the coffee trays are completely dry and ready for next stage.

    Major Equipment:

    Natural Dryer

    Brick Dryer

    Automatic Metal Dryer

    4. Packaging

    After the coffee trays have passed quality assurance, they are then packed and ready to be shipped. The packaging process involves the use of a packaging machine or done by hand, where the coffee trays are stacked and wrapped with thin plastic sheets or shrink wrap.

    Major Equipment:

    Hot Press




    Possible Additives to Use

    When it comes to producing coffee cup trays, additives are generally not required. However, certain materials may be used to enhance the performance and characteristics of the trays. Here are some possible additives or materials that can be incorporated in the production process:

    1. Wet-Strength Additives: These additives improve the resistance of the paper cup trays to moisture and wet conditions. They prevent the trays from becoming weak or easily damaged when in contact with liquid or during transportation.

    2. Coatings: Coatings can be applied to the surface of the tray to enhance its strength, durability, and resistance to moisture or oil. Coatings may include wax, polyethylene (PE), or other water-resistant materials, providing a protective barrier for the tray against potential spills or leakage.

    3. Fibers or Pulp Enhancers: By adding specific fibers or pulp enhancers during the pulp making process, the tray can gain extra strength, rigidity, or flexibility. These additives can improve the overall structural integrity and performance of the trays.

    4. Pigment: Pigment can be used to give the tray a certain color or tint. This adds visual appeal to the product and also helps in distinguishing between different types of cups.

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