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Apple Tray Production Line

Serve to Produce Different Sizes, Colors, Shapes Apple Tray Varieties.

Poly apple tray making machine is incredibly fast and capable of producing a large number of apple trays in a short time. The automated processes ensure minimal downtime and allow you to meet tight production schedules. The high-speed production does not compromise the quality of the trays.

And our machine uses minimal raw materials, which helps us save on packaging costs. The energy-efficient design also saves on electricity consumption, and your overall cost savings.

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    1-Side Apple Tray For Sale

    Poly 1-side apple tray making machine is designed to produce apple trays with a single side in one operation. This machine has been developed incorporating the latest technology so that it can be used to produce apple trays with a consistent quality.

    500-1500pcs/h production speed, and an adjustable forming size, our machine can produce different sizes or weights of apple trays with ease.

    If you are looking for a cost effective machine or small scale apple tray production line, this machine is the ideal choice. It has a high level of efficiency and can be adjusted based on your specific needs.

    ModelPLF1-2, PLF1-3, PLF1-4
    Output Capacity (pcs/h)500-1500
    Molds Plate Size850mm x 410mm, 1250mm x 410mm, 1650mm x 410mm
    Drying SystemNatural & Brick & Metal Drying
    Paper Consumption42kg/h, 70kg/h, 105kg/h
    Power33kw, 33kw, 42kw

    PLF1-2 Apple Tray Molding Machine

    · Capacity: 500-700pcs/h

    · Molds Quantities: 2 sets

    PLF1-3 Apple Tray Molding Machine

    · Capacity: 800-1200pcs/h

    · Molds Quantities: 3 sets

    PLF1-4 Apple Tray Molding Machine

    · Capacity: 1200-1500pcs/h

    · Molds Quantities: 4 sets

    4-Side Apple Tray Production Line For Sale

    Our 4 side apple tray making machine boasts an impressive capacity of 1800 up to 3000 pieces per hour. Producing a wide assortment of fruit apple trays is now quick and easy.

    Our machine provides speed, ease, and precision. With it, you can provide your customers with high volumes of hand-crafted quality all at a fraction of the time.

    ModelPLF3-4, PLF4-4
    Output Capacity (pcs/h)1800-3000
    Molds Plate Size1250mm x 470mm, 1470mm x 470mm
    Drying SystemNatural & Brick & Metal Drying
    Paper Consumption175kg/h, 210kg/h
    Power45-57kw, 50-60kw

    PLF3-4 Apple Tray Molding Machine

    · Capacity: 1800-2500pcs/h

    · Mold Quantities: 12+3 sets

    PLF4-4 Apple Tray Molding Machine

    · Capacity: 2500-3000pcs/h

    · Mold Quantities: 16+4 sets

    5-Side Apple Tray Production Line For Sale

    Our 5 side apple tray making machine is designed for comprehensive efficiency. With an impressive capacity of 3000 to 4000pcs/h and the capability to embed 10-15 molds per minute, it leverages advanced productivity times held in modern industry. This specially contoured device helps reshape standard manufacturing methods and has the scope to completely change restricted capabilities within this sector.

    Highly customizable to suit vast bulk orders, the structure conveniently curtails longer task duration and promotes higher accomplishments per hour.

    Output Capacity (pcs/h)3000-4000
    Molds Plate Size1800mm x 470mm
    Drying SystemNatural & Brick & Metal Drying
    Paper Consumption280kg/h

    8-Side Apple Tray Production Line For Sale

    If you’re a large scale business owner looking for an effective working solution, our 8 sided apple tray making machine is ideal. With the capability to produce between 4,000 and 11,000 pieces per hour, it is guaranteed to meet all of your working needs.

    Not only is this machine extremely convenient for larger businesses, but it also features top of the line controls that enable it to carry out precise manufacturing processes. By owning such a cutting edge machine designed specifically for producing your quality products with great efficiency, you are sure to experience ultimate success in your work endeavors!

    ModelPLF4-8, PLF5-8, PLF6-8, PLF8-8
    Output Capacity (pcs/h)4000-11000
    Molds Plate Size1470mm x 470mm, 1790mm x 470mm, 2100mm x 470mm, 2900mm x 470mm
    Drying SystemBrick & Metal Drying
    Paper Consumption315kg/h, 420kg/h, 490kg/h, 630kg/h
    Power90-135kw, 130-147kw, 180-220kw, 250-280kw

    PLF4-8 Apple Tray Molding Machine

    · Capacity: 4000-5000pcs/h

    · Molds Quantities: 32+4 sets

    PLF5-8 Apple Tray Molding Machine

    · Capacity: 4500-5500pcs/h

    · Molds Quantities: 40+5 sets

    PLF6-8 Apple Tray Molding Machine

    · Capacity: 6000-7000pcs/h

    · Molds Quantities: 48+6 sets

    PLF8-8 Apple Tray Molding Machine

    · Capacity: 10000-11000pcs/h

    · Molds Quantities: 64+8 sets

    What Poly Apple Tray Production Line Offers

    Poly Machinery is a trusted leader in the manufacture of apple tray molding machines. Our machines offer superior quality and reliability, with advanced design features that ensure reliable and efficient production.

    Increased Quality

    Our machines are designed using advanced technology for faster production cycles, with minimal waste and maximum efficiency.

    Multiple Uses

    Except for apple tray, Poly machines also can produce other fruit trays, egg tray, bottle tray, cup tray, industrial tray, etc.

    32% Efficiency Improvement

    Poly machine has high-speed molding process, improved power consumption, and automated system for faster production cycles.

    Save 27% on Overall Cost

    This efficient and cost-effective machine not only helps increase production efficiency but also significantly lowers expenses.

    Specifications of Poly Apple Tray Molding Machine

    Specifications of small output apple tray making machine:

    Output capacity500-700pcs/h800-1200pcs/h1200-1500pcs/h
    Molds plate size850MMX410MM1250MMX410MM1650MMX410MM
    Molds quantites2sets3sets4sets
    Operation modeInverted suction molding
    Molding cycle6-7 times/minute
    Paper consumption42KG/H70KG/H105KG/H
    Drying methodsA: Natural air drying of products through sunlight and natural breeze
    B: Automatic conveyor bricks building drying oven
    C: automatic 6 layers metal drying oven
    The equipment capacity is calculated based on the production of 30 trays, with a size of 300 * 300mm and a dry tray weight of 70g. Various specifications of molds and equipment can be customized according to customer requirements for configuration adjustment.

    Specifications of medium output apple tray making machine:

    Output capacity1800-2500pcs/h2500-3000pcs/h3000-4000pcs/h4000-5000pcs/h
    Molds plate size1250MMX470MM1470MMX470MM1800MMX470MM1470MMX470MM
    Molds quantites12+3sets16+4sets20+5sets32+4sets
    Operation modeRotary drum adsorption molding
    Molding cycle10-15 times/minute
    Paper consumption175KG/H210KG/H280KG/H315KG/H315KG/H
    Drying methodsA: Natural air drying of products through sunlight and natural breeze×
    B: Automatic conveyor bricks building drying oven
    C: automatic 6 layers metal drying oven
    The equipment capacity is calculated based on the production of 30 trays, with a size of 300 * 300mm and a dry tray weight of 70g. Various specifications of molds and equipment can be customized according to customer requirements for configuration adjustment.

    Specifications of large output apple tray making machine:

    Output capacity4500-5500pcs/h6000-7000pcs/h10000-11000pcs/h
    Molds plate size1790MMX470MM2100MMX470MM2900MMX470MM
    Molds quantites40+5sets48+6sets64+8sets
    Operation modeRotary drum adsorption molding
    Molding cycle15-22 times/minute
    Paper consumption420KG/H490KG/H630KG/H
    Drying methodsB: Automatic conveyor bricks building drying oven
    C: automatic 6 layers metal drying oven
    The equipment capacity is calculated based on the production of 30 trays, with a size of 300 * 300mm and a dry tray weight of 70g. Various specifications of molds and equipment can be customized according to customer requirements for configuration adjustment.

    Apple Tray Production Line Price

    Apple Tray Making Machine ModelsCapacity (70-80g)Reference Price Range
    PLF1-2500-700 pcs/h$8,000-$10,000
    PLF1-3800-1,200 pcs/h$8,500-$11,000
    PLF1-41,200-1,500 pcs/h$9,500-$21,000
    PLF3-41,800-2,500 pcs/h$15,000-$29,500
    PLF4-42,500-3,000 pcs/h$16,000-$75,000
    PLF4-53,000-4,000 pcs/h$24,000-$95,000
    PLF4-84,000-5,000 pcs/h$40,000-$100,000
    PLF5-84,500-5,500 pcs/h$41,000-$121,000
    PLF6-86,000-7,000 pcs/h$49,000-$155,000
    PLF8-810,000-11,000 pcs/h$58,000-$180,000

    The price of Poly apple tray making machine varies depending on various factors such as the model, production capacity, additional features, and customization options. However, it is vital to consider the long-term benefits of this sustainable solution, including reduced material costs, low machine maintenance, decreased environmental impact and so on.

    Our machines are built with the latest technology, providing you with an affordable solution for your production needs. Get a quote today to find out the factory direct price of our apple tray making machine!

    Wide Raw Materials Used to Produce Apple Tray

    Here is a breakdown of the raw materials commonly used:

    Waste newspapers and old books: These are often collected and used as a primary source of recycled paper and books. They provide a significant amount of paper fiber that can be repurposed into new products like paper apple trays.

    Cartons: Used cartons, such as used egg trays, cardboard boxes or packaging boxes, also contribute to the recycled paper pulp. These cartons are collected and processed, removing any adhesives or contaminants, and converted into pulp for paper tray production.

    Scrap paper from paper mills: Paper mills generate a significant amount of waste paper during their manufacturing processes. This waste paper, which may include trimmings and rejected paper products, can be recycled and used as a valuable raw material for making paper apple trays.

    Scrap paper from carton factories and printing plants: Carton factories and printing plants often produce excess or rejected paper products that are unsuitable for sale or further use. These scrap papers, after sorting and cleaning, are integrated into the recycling process and contribute to the recycled paper pulp production.

    Poly Apple Tray Molding Machine End Products

    The end products of a paper apple tray making machine are typically paper trays or containers specifically designed for packaging apples. These trays are made from recycled paper pulp and are molded into a shape that securely holds and protects the apples during storage and transportation.

    While the primary use of the machine is for making apple trays, it is possible to customize the molds to produce trays or containers for other fruits (pear, peach, orange, mango…) or products as well. For example, with the right mold, the machine can produce tomato trays, egg trays, fruit trays, or even trays for delicate items like glassware or electronics.

    The versatility of the machine allows for the production of various tray designs and sizes, depending on the specific needs of the customer. The end products are eco-friendly, as they are made from recycled materials and can be recycled again after use.

    It is important to note that while the machine can potentially produce a wide range of trays, its primary focus remains on apple tray production. Customization for other products may require additional molds or adjustments to the machine settings.

    Advantages of Poly Apple Tray Making Machine End Products

    Lightweight yet sturdy: Paper apple trays are lightweight, which helps reduce overall packaging weight and transportation costs. Despite their lightweight nature, they are still sturdy enough to protect apples during handling, storage, and transportation. This combination of lightweight and sturdy properties makes them an efficient and cost-effective packaging solution.

    Breathable and absorbent: Paper trays allow for proper ventilation, which helps to maintain the freshness and quality of apples. The breathable nature of the paper allows any excess moisture to escape, reducing the risk of mold or spoilage. Moreover, paper apple trays produced by Poly apple tray making machine can also absorb any excess moisture, providing a protective environment for the apples.

    Biodegradable: Paper apple trays are biodegradable, meaning they can be broken down easily by microorganisms in the environment. This helps to reduce plastic waste and protect the environment. Additionally, paper apple trays can also be recycled for a more sustainable solution to meet the requirements of the international markets.

    Versatile and customizable: Paper apple trays produced from Poly paper tray making machine can be designed and customized to fit different apple sizes and counts. Manufacturers can adjust the mold design and size to accommodate various apple varieties, ensuring a snug and secure fit. Additionally, the trays can be easily branded or printed with logos, product information, or promotional messages, enhancing the visual appeal of the packaging.

    Global Cases

    PLF8-8 Apple Tray Making Machine to Cambodia

    Poly 10,000-11,000pcs/h apple tray making machine was successfully sent to Cambodia. The machine is equipped with a high-precision servo motor, an advanced PLC programming system and other reliable components.

    PLF5-8 Apple Tray Making Machine Export to Mozambique

    This PLF5-8 apple tray making machine is designed to make commercial-grade apple trays for the export market. It features an advanced automation system and a robust construction for maximum efficiency.

    Customer Testimonials


    Efficient and Reliable Paper Tray Making Machine.

    We recently purchased the paper apple tray making machine, and I must say it has exceeded my expectations. This machine is incredibly efficient and produces high-quality apple trays within minutes. It has improved our apple packaging process significantly, saving us time, money, and effort. We highly recommend this machine to anyone in the apple packaging industry.

    Prak Sokha

    from Morocco


    Well-Structured End Products.

    I have been using the paper apple tray making machine for several months now, and I am incredibly impressed with its performance. The quality of the apple trays produced by this machine is exceptional. The trays are sturdy, well-structured, and provide excellent protection to the apples during transportation. The uniformity in size and shape ensures a professional and appealing presentation of our products to customers.

    Trevor Chipilingu

    From Malawi

    Process of Apple Tray Production Line

    Understanding the process of apple tray production line can help businesses and individuals create high-quality apple trays efficiently while producing minimal waste. Have a look at Poly apple tray production line working process.

    1. Pulping Prep

    The apple tray production process begins with the collection and sorting of waste paper, which is then shredded and mixed with water to create a pulp mixture. This pulp mixture and then is filtered to remove any impurities, such as inks and other debris.

    Major Equipment:

    Hydraulic Pulper

    Pulp Refiner

    Pulp Pump

    Water Pulp

    2. Pulp Molding

    The pulp mixture is then poured into the pulp molding machine, which molds the apple trays into the desired size and shape. The machine applies a vacuum to remove excess water and create the mold shape, which is then transferred to the drying stage.

    Major Equipment:

    1-Side Molding

    4-Side Molding

    5-Side Molding

    8-Side Molding

    3. Drying

    Once the apple trays have been molded, they are sent to the drying stage. The drying is done using natural, brick or meta dryer that evaporates any remaining moisture. This process ensures that the apple trays are completely dry and ready for next stage.

    Major Equipment:

    Natural Dryer

    Brick Dryer

    Automatic Metal Dryer

    4. Packaging

    After the apple trays have passed quality assurance, they are then packed and ready to be shipped. The packaging process involves the use of a packaging machine or done by hand, where the apple trays are stacked and wrapped with thin plastic sheets or shrink wrap.

    Major Equipment:

    Hot Press




    How to Choose A Paper Apple Tray Production Line?

    When looking for a paper apple tray molding machine, there are several factors to consider to ensure you purchase one that is the most suitable for your needs.

    1. Consider Output Capacity

    The output capacity of the machine is an important factor when making a purchase. Make sure you choose a machine that can produce the number of trays required on a daily basis.

    500 to 11,000 pcs/h apple tray making machines are available in Poly Machinery.

    2. Consider Automation

    The degree of automation of the machine is also a key factor to consider when buying a paper apple tray molding machine.

    Choose a fully automatic machine to reduce labor costs and improve efficiency, especially when you invest in a medium and large scale production. The only drawback is that the automatic paper tray making machine costs a little higher than semi-automatic and manual ones.

    If you are in a small scale business, manual and semi-automatic apple tray making machines are offered, which can still offer high quality production of paper apple trays, but more economical. Besides, due to the multi-layer drying system, manual paper tray making machine are more space-saving.

    3. Consider Drying System

    One popular method is natural drying, which typically involves manual labor. With this approach, more than two individuals are required to perform the necessary tasks. It is an economical choice as it involves low construction costs and allows for fast construction in large fields. The drying trays used in this system typically number less than 2000 pieces, making it suitable for smaller-scale operations.

    Another drying system option is the brick dryer, which boasts a high level of automation. This technology requires a labor force of 2-3 individuals to operate efficiently. Construction of the bricking dryer typically takes around 15-30 days. Importantly, this type of dryer is suitable for all models, ensuring versatility in its drying capabilities.

    For those seeking an automated and efficient solution, the multiple-layer metal dryer is a popular choice. This system requires only 1-3 laborers to operate effectively. It offers the advantage of fast and easy installation and is suitable for all models, providing flexibility in its usage.

    Except for the above factors, you also should keep your factory scale, your labor force, fuel type and your raw material… in mind. Keep in touch to get professional advice.

    Applications of Paper Apple Tray Making Machine

    1. Fruit orchards and farms: Fruit growers and orchard owners who harvest and package apples in large quantities can benefit from having their own paper apple tray making machine. It allows them to produce custom-sized trays on-site, tailored to their specific apple varieties and quantities.

    2. Packaging and logistics companies: Companies involved in the packaging and transportation of apples require efficient and reliable methods for producing apple trays. Having a paper apple tray making machine enables them to produce trays on demand, ensuring a steady supply for their packaging operations.

    3. Food packaging manufacturers: Manufacturers specializing in food packaging, particularly those catering to the fruit industry, can expand their product offerings by including apple trays. A paper apple tray making machine allows them to diversify their product range and meet the needs of apple producers and distributors.

    4. Retailers and supermarkets: Supermarkets and retail stores that sell apples can benefit from having a paper apple tray making machine to produce their own packaging. This not only provides them with customized trays but also helps reduce packaging costs and promotes eco-friendly practices.

    5. Eco-conscious businesses: Businesses that prioritize sustainability and eco-friendly packaging solutions may choose to invest in a paper apple tray making machine. By manufacturing their own trays from recycled paper, they can align their packaging practices with their environmental values.

    6. Entrepreneurs and small-scale producers: Individuals or small-scale producers who are looking to start your own apple packaging business can consider investing in a paper apple tray making machine. This allows them to have full control over the production process and adapt to the specific needs of their target market.

    7. Waste paper recycling facilities: Recycling facilities that specialize in processing and recycling waste papers can incorporate a paper apple tray making machine into their operations. By investing in such a machine, you can expand your product offerings to include paper apple trays, thereby creating additional revenue streams and maximizing the value derived from the waste paper they collect.

    It’s important to note that the suitability of a paper apple tray making machine depends on specific production requirements and volumes. Different machine models and capacities are available in Poly Machinery to accommodate various production scales and customize tray sizes. Contact our experts to get a customized solution today!

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