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Industrial Packaging Tray Production Line

Serve to Produce Trays for Packaging Electronics, Beauty Products, Red Wine, Tableware and Cups, etc.

Poly industrial paper pulp packaging machine is designed to meet the most demanding requirements. It can pack any type of product, including small containers such as bottles and jars, large items such as electronics, or products that are irregularly shaped.

The molding cycle of our machine is 5-8 times per minute, making it fast efficient and gets you quick return. Tailor-made capacities, molds and products allowallow you to maximize your production rate with minimal space requirements.

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    Industrial Packaging Tray Machine For Sale

    Large Stock Paper Pulp Industrial Packaging Tray Equipment with Factory Price For Sale

    600-1,200pcs/h industrial packaging machine meets the needs of enterprises, producing paper pulp trays in various sizes and weights. This unit has a compact design with a low floor space requirement. Look no further than this machine to ensure that production is done efficiently, fast, and cost-effectively.

    Poly industrial packaging machine caters to manufacturing egg trays, bottle trays, cup trays, electronics trays, etc. If you want a reliable, user-friendly machine for your paper pulp tray production, then this is the perfect choice. Contact us today to get customized solutions!

    According to the capacity, Poly Machine offers:
    According to the output, Poly Machine offers:

    Electronics tray production line

    Beauty tray production line

    Egg tray production line

    Shoe tray production line

    Fruit tray production line

    Seedling tray production line

    Bottle tray production line

    Cup tray production line

    Single-Station Industrial Packaging Tray Production Line For Sale

    Poly single station paper pulp industrial packaging tray machine is perfect for a small project. With only one set of molds, it is capable of an astonishing output of 600 to 1,000 pcs per hour! That’s an incredible amount of efficiency from such a compact machine.

    It makes industrial packaging a breeze and ensures accuracy with reliable, high accuracy production and management. This effortless package tray machine swiftly churns out gleaming products all day long without suspension due to the advanced control system. All these features make it ideal for any small scale projects that need smaller scale production at higher capacities.

    Molds Plate Size400mmx1200mm; 500mmx1200mm;600mmx1600mm;1200mmx1200mm;
    1450mmx1450mm;can be customized
    Drying SystemBrick & Metal Drying

    Double-Station Industrial Packaging Tray Production Line For Sale

    Are you looking for an ideal solution for large production projects? If so, look no further than the Poly double station industrial packaging machine!

    This innovative system has two sets of molds that can create up to 1,200 pieces of paper trays in one hour. What’s more, it only consumes 55-100kw of energy, making it an incredibly cost efficient and responsible way to manage manufacturing on a large scale. This machine is truly the perfect choice for anyone trying to successfully product paper trays at a rapid rate while still looking after our planet.

    Molds Plate Size600mmx800mmx2;650mmx900mmx2;700mmx1000mmx2;
    Can be customized ;
    Drying SystemBrick & Metal Drying

    Poly Industrial Packaging Tray Molding Machine End Products

    The end products of an industrial paper pulp packaging tray machine are industrial packaging trays made from paper pulp. These trays are specifically designed for packaging and transporting various products across industries. Some common end products of the machine include:

    1. Industrial Packaging Trays: These trays are used for safely and securely holding and transporting various items, such as electronics, automotive components, household goods, pharmaceutical products, food items, and more.

    2. Shipping Trays: These trays are predominantly used in the shipping and logistics industry. They provide a protective and stable base for stacking and shipping packages and goods.

    3. Display Trays: Some packaging trays are designed for product display purposes. These trays often have an aesthetically pleasing design and are used to showcase products on retail shelves or trade shows.

    4. Dunnage Trays: Dunnage trays are used for protecting delicate or fragile items during transportation. They can be placed inside shipping containers or other packaging to provide cushioning and prevent damage.

    5. Customized Trays: Industrial paper pulp packaging tray machines can produce trays of various sizes, shapes, and configurations to meet specific customer requirements. These customized trays may have specific features, such as compartments, dividers, or inserts, to suit specific products or applications.

    Poly Industrial Packaging Tray Machine End Products Gallery

    The end products of Poly machine are sturdy, recyclable, and eco-friendly packaging trays that offer a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic or foam-based packaging materials. They provide protection, stability, and ease of handling for a wide range of products in industries such as manufacturing, e-commerce, retail, and logistics. Contact us to get customized solutions for your projects.

    What Poly Industrial Packaging Tray Production Line Offers

    Poly Machinery is a trusted leader in the manufacture of shoe tray molding machines. Our machines offer superior quality and reliability, with advanced design features that ensure reliable and efficient production.

    Increased Quality

    Our machines are designed using advanced technology for faster production cycles, with minimal waste and maximum efficiency.

    Multiple Uses

    Except for industrial packaging trays, Poly machines also can produce other fruit trays, egg trays, bottle trays, coffee cup trays, etc.

    32% Efficiency Improvement

    Poly machine has high-speed molding process, improved power consumption, and automated system for faster production cycles.

    Save 27% on Overall Cost

    This efficient and cost-effective machine not only helps increase production efficiency but also significantly lowers expenses.

    Specifications of Poly Industrial Packaging Tray Molding Machine

    Molds Plate Size400mmx1200mm;500mmx1200mm;600mmx1600mm;1200mmx1200mm;
    1450mmx1450mm;can be customized ;
    600mmx800mmx2;650mmx900mmx2;700mmx1000mmx2;can be customized ;
    Molds Quantity1 set2 sets
    Operation ModeReciprocating slurry retrieval
    Molding Cycle5-8 times/minute
    Power55-100kw 55-100kw 
    Control SystemPLCPLC
    Drying MethodsB: Automatic conveyor bricks building drying oven
    C: Automatic 6 layers metal drying oven 

    Industrial Packaging Tray Production Line Price

    Industrial Packaging Tray Making Machine ModelsCapacityReference Price Range
    PLGB-1600-1,000 pcs/h$8,000-$20,000
    PLGB-2800-12,00 pcs/h$10,000-$30,000

    At Poly, we are passionate about providing competitively priced goods. Our industrial packaging tray machine is no different. It offers lots of value when compared to the rest of the market. Shop confidently knowing that you’re investing in a quality product without spending an arm and a leg. With this trusty machine in your workshop or factory, you can leverage the advantages that come with efficiency and savings!

    Advantages of Poly Industrial Packaging Tray Making Machine

    Competitive Price

    Poly offers high quality industrial packaging machines at the factory price which is competitive compared with our counterparts. A small investment will cover all the needs of an industrial factory for paper pulp packaging, saving you money in the long run.

    Customized Solutions

    We strive to offer the best and full service for our customers. Our machine fit for any mold sizes and tray shapes and colors, allowing us to customize the machines for your specific needs. We also provide a wide range of services such as maintenance, repairs and training in areas related to the industrial paper pulp packaging machine.

    Quick and Stable Performance

    To meet the requirements of your business scale, our industrial packaging machine can reach high production speed and stability. It also has an adjustable output that will meet the needs of different production scales for various types of paper pulp packaging products.

    High Efficiency

    The industrial paper pulp packaging machine has a high output rate and is capable of producing large quantities in a short amount of time. This makes it ideal for any scale production tasks and ensures that your production lines are running smoothly and efficiently.

    The machine also features an adjustable speed system that can be adjusted to produce different types of packs at different speeds. This allows you to customize the productivity of the machine according to the type of product being packed and your needs.

    Automatic PLC Control System

    Our machine has an advanced control system which ensures consistent product quality and repeatability for each packing cycle.

    The automated system makes sure that all of the components are working together properly and efficiently. The system is able to detect any faults that may occur and shut down the operation as soon as possible, while alerting operators onsite so you can take appropriate action. This reduces downtime and allows for quick resolution of any issues, resulting in increased productivity and reduced maintenance costs.

    The software used to operate our industrial paper pulp packaging machine is very user-friendly and allows for fast setup with minimal operator training. This ensures that the machine is up and running quickly, so you can start producing high-quality products as soon as possible.

    Robust Construction

    The machine is made from highly durable aluminum and steel materials, meaning it can handle heavy duty usage with ease. This makes it ideal for industrial applications where a continuous and reliable production process is essential. With its robust construction, the machine can be relied upon for many years without needing any major repairs.

    Experience the competitive advantage of Poly industrial paper pulp packaging machines today. Don’t compromise on quality, efficiency, or durability – make the smart investment for your business’ success. Contact us now for a free consultation and quote.

    Wide Raw Materials Used to Produce Industrial Packaging Tray

    1. Waste paper: Waste paper is a common raw material for producing paper pulp. It can be old newspapers, magazines, cardboard boxes, or any other paper products that are recycled.

    2. Biomass fiber raw materials: Biomass fibers are derived from various plant sources and can be used as an additional raw material for producing paper pulp. Some common biomass fiber sources include:

    – Wood pulp: Obtained from wood chips or logs, wood pulp is a widely used fibrous material in the paper industry. It provides strength and structural integrity to the packaging trays.

    – Agricultural residues: By-products from agricultural processes, such as rice straw, wheat straw, bagasse (sugar cane residue), or corn stalks, can be processed into fiber suitable for making pulp.

    – Bamboo fibers: Bamboo is a fast-growing, renewable resource that can be used to produce strong and sustainable packaging trays.

    – Other plant fibers: Fibrous materials from non-wood plants, such as kenaf, flax, hemp, or jute, can also be used as biomass fiber raw materials.

    Contact us to learn if your wastes can be used to process paper pulp trays.

    Global Cases

    Industrial Packaging Tray Making Machine Operated in South Africa

    Our small scale industrial packaging tray machine was successfully operated in South Africa. This machine is designed to handle lightweight paper pulp packaging trays with ease.

    PLGB-2 Was Ready to Be Exported to Nepal

    PLGB-2 large scale industrial packaging tray production line was ready to be sent to Nepal. This production line is mainly composed of a hydraulic pulper, PLGB-2, a multi-layer metal dryer, a hot press machine, and a trimming machine.

    Customer Testimonials


    Enhance Our Capacities.

    Poly machines are an exceptional addition to any packaging operation. This machine offers a seamless and efficient process for producing high-quality packaging trays. Its advanced technology ensures precise molding and consistent tray quality, guaranteeing reliable and sturdy packaging solutions. With its competitive price point and excellent performance, this machine proves to be a valuable investment for businesses looking to enhance packaging capabilities.

    Remi Abimbola

    from Nigeria


    Superior Quality.

    I’ve been using the Poly paper pulp molding machine for the past several weeks, and the results have been exceptional. This machine remains consistent in its performance, producing quality products every time. It’s designed with ease of use in mind, making it simple to operate, even for beginners. The maintenance required is minimal, which has saved me both time and resources. It has genuinely exceeded my expectations, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others.

    Joseph kimani

    From Kenya

    Process of Industrial Packaging Tray Production Line

    Understanding the process of industrial packaging tray production line can help businesses and individuals create high-quality industrial packaging trays efficiently while producing minimal waste. Have a look at Poly industrial packaging tray production line working process.

    1. Pulping Prep

    The industrial packaging tray production process begins with the collection and sorting of waste paper, which is then shredded and mixed with water to create a pulp mixture. This pulp mixture and then is filtered to remove any impurities, such as inks and other debris.

    Major Equipment:

    Hydraulic Pulper

    Pulp Refiner

    Pulp Pump

    Water Pulp

    2. Pulp Molding

    The pulp mixture is then poured into the pulp molding machine, which molds the industrial packaging trays into the desired size and shape. The machine applies a vacuum to remove excess water and create the mold shape, which is then transferred to the drying stage.

    Major Equipment:

    1-Side Molding

    4-Side Molding

    5-Side Molding

    8-Side Molding

    3. Drying

    Once the industrial packaging trays have been molded, they are sent to the drying stage. The drying is done using natural, brick or meta dryer that evaporates any remaining moisture. This process ensures that the industrial packaging trays are completely dry and ready for next stage.

    Major Equipment:

    Natural Dryer

    Brick Dryer

    Automatic Metal Dryer

    4. Packaging

    After the industrial packaging trays have passed quality assurance, they are then packed and ready to be shipped. The packaging process involves the use of a packaging machine or done by hand, where the packaging trays are stacked and wrapped with thin plastic sheets or shrink wrap.

    Major Equipment:

    Hot Press




    Our Certificates

    Methods to Process Industrial Packaging Tray

    Here are 2 types of methods to process industrial packaging tray:

    Dry Process Molded Pulp Industrial Package Production Line:

    The dry process utilizes a specific method to create high-quality packaging products. The process begins by creating a slurry of pulp with a carefully controlled concentration. Suitable additives are then introduced to enhance the pulp mixture. The slurry is then used to form a wet paper mold through the process of adsorption. This wet paper mold is subsequently transferred to a drying road, where it undergoes a thorough drying process.

    Once dried, the product enters the next stage where hot pressure shaping is applied. This step ensures the final dried product takes its desired shape, resulting in a durable and reliable packaging solution. The dry process method offers advantages such as efficient production, precise mold formation, and excellent dimensional stability.

    Wet Process Molded Pulp Industrial Package Production Line:

    The wet process follows a distinct approach to produce top-notch packaging solutions. Like the dry process method, it also commences with preparing a pulp slurry with a specific concentration. Appropriate additives are meticulously added to the slurry to enhance its properties. The pulp slurry, now ready, is employed to create a wet paper mold by utilizing adsorption techniques.

    This wet paper mold is then transferred to a hot pressure molding mold, where the drying process takes place. Within the mold, the moisture content is removed, and heat is applied to solidify the molded pulp. This results in the creation of the final molded pulp product, showcasing exceptional strength and durability.

    The wet process method ensures excellent flexibility in shaping and is known for its efficient utilization of raw materials, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

    Both the dry process and wet process molded pulp industrial package production lines offer efficient and effective means of manufacturing packaging solutions. The choice between the two methods depends on specific requirements, target product characteristics, and the desired production capacity. Regardless of the chosen process, these production lines enable the creation of sustainable packaging solutions that contribute to a greener and more eco-conscious future.

    Consult our experts to get your best fit processing methods.

    Poly Machinery Working Principles

    The working principle of Poly paper pulp tray machine including 2 types, reciprocating slurry retrieval operation mode and inverted suction molding/rotary drum adsorption molding operation mode.

    Reciprocating Slurry Retrieval Operation

    This mode is mainly used in processing industrial packaging trays, including bottle trays, electronics trays, irregular trays, etc.

    The production efficiency of this method is comparable to the flip type, making it a widely adopted production technique. This equipment stands out as it only requires a single set of four molds that are paired with convex molds, eliminating the need for CNC center processing.

    This streamlined approach is particularly well-suited for producing non-standard, small-batch, and fast-cycle industrial packaging products. With its efficient and versatile production capabilities, it offers a reliable solution for meeting the demands of customized packaging requirements without compromising on quality or speed.

    Inverted Suction Molding/Rotary Drum Adsorption Molding

    This mode is mainly used in processing egg trays, cup trays, shoe trays, fruit trays, and nursery trays.

    In inverted suction molding, a pulp slurry is prepared and poured onto a forming mold. The mold is then inverted, and a vacuum suction is applied to draw the slurry into the mold cavities. This suction process ensures uniform distribution of the pulp fibers, resulting in consistent and well-defined molded products. The excess water is then removed, and the formed pulp product is carefully transferred for further processing or drying.

    On the other hand, rotary drum adsorption molding utilizes a rotating drum with a porous surface. The drum is partially submerged in a pulp slurry, and as it rotates, the pulp adheres to the porous surface, forming a wet layer or sheet. The excess water is drained off, and the wet molded pulp product is transferred to a drying stage. The rotation of the drum ensures precise formation of the pulp product, allowing for complex shapes and intricate designs with multiple flips.

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    Featured Products

    Egg Tray Molding Machine

    Poly egg tray making machine, or say egg tray production line works to produce egg cartons, egg boxes, egg plates, egg crates and egg tray. From small to large output demand, we have suitable machines and accept customization.

    Fruit Tray Molding Machine

    Fruit tray making machine in our company shows their brilliant performance in producing apple trays, strawberry trays, grape trays, peach trays and any other types of tray for placing fruit safely. Also allow customization.

    Seedling Tray Molding Machine

    Poly nursery tray making machine is a specialized equipment used for producing high-quality nursery trays. These trays are used extensively in the nursery and horticulture industries to grow seedlings, saplings, and other plants…