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Global Cases

Egg Tray Production Line Installed in India

Poly Machinery has recently installed an egg tray production line in India for a local customer. The line includes equipment for pulp preparation, molding, drying, and stacking. The customer was pleased with the easy-to-operate machine and high efficient performance, said the line is a big plus for their small business.

Shoe Tray Production Line Successfully Installed in Indonesia

Poly Machinery has successfully installed a shoe tray production line in Indonesia for a footwear manufacturer. With high automation and efficiency, the line guarantees a high standard of quality, and the finished products are eco-friendly. The customer expressed satisfaction with our performance and service.

Fruit Tray Production Line Exported to South Africa

Poly Machinery has successfully exported a fruit tray molding production line to South Africa. The production line is designed to handle different types of fruit, such as apples, citrus, lemons, and pears. We will provide our customers with services, including installation, commissioning, and training in this project.

Coffee Tray Making Machine Ship to Ghana

PLF6-8 Egg Tray Making Machine Export to Argentina

Apple Tray Making Machine Sent to Cambodia

PLF4-5 Paper Pulp Molding Machine Ship to Bulgaria

Small Shoe Tray Making Machine Ship to Zambia

PLF8-8 Egg Carton Making Machine to Tajikistan