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Offset Printing Press

Highly efficient for printing newspapers, magazines, brochures, stationery, books, and much more.

Offset printing press is renowned for its ability to produce high volumes of print with consistent quality. Utilizing plates and blankets, it transfers images onto a variety of substrates with precision.

Poly offset press features cost-effectiveness for large runs, exceptional image clarity, and compatibility with a wide range of printing materials. Offset presses are indispensable for creating books, magazines, and marketing materials at scale. For businesses looking to elevate your print communication, investing in offset printing offers a blend of quality, efficiency, and economy. Contact us to harness the power of offset printing for your next project.

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    Water/Alcohol Dampening A1 and A1+ Offset Press For Sale

    A1 and A1+ double-side offset presses with water or alcohol dampening systems represent the pinnacle of precision printing technology. These presses facilitate simultaneous double-sided printing, dramatically increasing efficiency and throughput for high-volume tasks. Water dampening, a traditional method, is known for its eco-friendliness and cost-effectiveness, whereas alcohol dampening can offer better control over ink spread and quicker drying times, resulting in sharper images and finer details.

    The advantages of Poly water dampening/alcohol dampening a1 and a1+ double side offset press include improved print quality, reduced waste, and faster production speeds. The A1 and A1+ presses are adept at handling a diverse range of printing jobs, from high-end catalogs and magazines to sophisticated packaging and promotional materials, making them a versatile choice for businesses seeking to produce top-tier printed media with efficiency and precision.

    ModelsPLS920H/PLS920W, PLS1040H/PLS1040W
    Paper Application Range (g/m²)40~200
    Maximum Speed (r.p.h)10000
    Main Motor Power (kW)11

    High Speed A1+ and A1 Double Side Single Color Offset Press

    The high-speed A1 and A1+ double-side single-color offset presses are designed for rapid and efficient large-format printing. These machines are capable of printing on both sides of the sheet in a single pass, which significantly enhances productivity and reduces turnaround times. Their single-color operation is optimized for projects that require uniform application of a single ink, making them ideal for jobs like books, forms, and other text-heavy documents where consistency and speed are paramount.

    Our machine boasts high-speed output, exceptional registration accuracy, and cost-efficiency for large runs. They are also known for their reliability and durability, which minimizes downtime and maintenance.

    The A1 and A1+ formats cater to a broad range of applications, from industrial-scale publishing to educational materials and government documentation. These presses are a solid investment for print businesses that specialize in high-volume, single-color projects seeking to maximize productivity and profitability.

    ModelsPLS920G/PLS920GB, PLS1040G/PLS1040GB
    Paper Application Range (g/m²)40~200
    Maximum Speed (r.p.h)13000
    Main Motor Power (kW)15

    A1 and A1+ Double Side Two Color Offset Press

    The A1 and A1+ double side two-color offset presses combine size, speed, and color precision into a single machine. Equipped to handle large sheet sizes, these presses are specifically engineered for jobs that demand a two-color printing process on both sides of the paper.

    They are ideal for producing stationery that requires accurate color replication on both sides, such as marketing materials like brochures, flyers, and much more. In the realm of publishing, these machines can be used to print book covers and pages that feature two-color illustrations or highlighted text.

    ModelsPLS9202B, PLS10402B
    Paper Application Range (g/m²)40~200
    Maximum Speed (r.p.h)13000
    Main Motor Power (kW)30

    A1 and A1+ Online Detection Double Side Single Color Press

    These presses are equipped with online detection systems that monitor the printing process in real time, ensuring high quality and consistency across every print job.

    The integration of online detection systems in these offset presses offers several advantages. These systems can instantly detect any discrepancies or defects in the printing process, such as misregistration, ink smudging, or variations in ink density. This immediate feedback allows for corrections on the fly, reducing waste and ensuring that each sheet meets the high-quality standards expected in professional print environments.

    They are particularly well-suited for printing materials where precision and consistency in single-color work are paramount. This includes legal documents, forms, and other official paperwork that require a professional appearance and uniformity. Additionally, these presses are ideal for educational materials, such as textbooks and instructional booklets, where single-color printing is often sufficient and cost-effective.

    ModelsPLS92J, PLS104J
    Paper Application Range (g/m²)40~200
    Maximum Speed (r.p.h)13000
    Main Motor Power (kW)15

    A1 and A1+ Online Detection Double Sided Dual Color Press

    The double-sided, dual-color printing capability of Poly presses combined with the modern online detection system significantly enhances productivity. By allowing two colors to be applied to both sides of the sheet in a single pass through the press, print providers can achieve faster turnaround times with high precision, which is particularly beneficial for time-sensitive projects. This efficiency is a substantial benefit for clients who require quick delivery without compromising on quality.

    In terms of usage, the A1 and A1+ online detection double side dual color offset presses are versatile workhorses in the printing industry. They are particularly well-suited for high-volume jobs that require consistent dual-color prints, such as corporate branding materials, including annual reports, brochures, and marketing collateral.

    ModelsPLS9202J, PLS10402J
    Paper Application Range (g/m²)40~200
    Maximum Speed (r.p.h)13000
    Main Motor Power (kW)30

    Specifications of Poly Offset Printing Press

    A1 and A1+ Double Side Offset Printing Press (Water Dampening/Alcohol DampeningHigh Speed A1+ and A1 Double Side Single Color Offset PressA1 and A1+ Double Side Two Color Offset PressA1 and A1+ Online Detection Double Sided Single Color PressA1 and A1+ Online Detection Double Sided Dual Color Press
    Maximum Paper Size (mm)650×920720×1040650×920720×1040650×920720×1040650×920720×1040650×920720×1040
    Maximum Printing Size (mm)640×920710×1040640×920710×1040640×920710×1040640×920710×1040640×920710×1040
    Minimum Printing Size (mm)393×546393×546393×546393×546393×546393×546480×340480×340393×546393×546
    Paper Application Range (g/m²)40~20040~20040~20040~20040~20040~20040~20040~20040~20040~200
    Plate Size (mm)950×765×0.31055×800×0.3950×765×0.31055×800×0.3950×765×0.281055×800×0.3950×765×0.31055×800×0.3950×765×0.281055×800×0.3
    Packing Size (mm)950×695×0.45~0.501055×735×0.45~0.50950×695×0.45~0.501055×735×0.45~0.50950×695×0.15~0.201055×735×0.15~0.20950×695×0.15~0.201055×735×0.15~0.20950×695×0.15~0.201055×735×0.15~0.20
    Blanket Size (mm)950×925×1.951055×960×1.95950×925×1.951055×960×1.95950×900×1.951055×920×1.95950×900×1.951055×920×1.95950×900×1.951055×920×1.95
    Paper Feeding Pile (mm)1800180018001800180018001800180018001800
    Paper Delivering Pile (mm)950950950950100010001150115010001000
    Main Motor Power (kW)11111515303015153030
    Maximum Speed (r.p.h)10000100001300013000130001300013000130001300013000
    Weight (kg)15880175001588017500240002500016880175002600027000
    Plate Adjusting Amount (axial) (mm)-2~+2-2~+2-2.5~+2.5-2.5~+2.5-2.5~+2.5-2.5~+2.5-2.5~+2.5-2.5~+2.5-2.5~+2.5-2.5~+2.5
    Plate Adjusting Amount (circumferential) (mm)-0.8~+0.8-0.8~+0.8-0.8~+0.8-0.8~+0.8-0.8~+0.8-0.8~+0.8-0.8~+0.8-0.8~+0.8-0.8~+0.8-0.8~+0.8
    Plate Adjusting Amount (slantl) (mm)////-0.3~+0.3-0.3~+0.3//-0.3~+0.3-0.3~+0.3

    Specifications of Poly Printing Image Quality Detection System

    Maximum Paper Size (mm)920×6501040×720
    Minimum Paper Size (mm)480×340480×340
    Detection Accuracy (mm) (W×L)0.07×0.070.07×0.07
    Paper Application Range (g/m²)40~18040~180
    Suitable Paper Typescoated paper / offset paper
    Maximum Detecting Speed (r.p.h)1200012000
    Minimum Defect Detection Area in Key Areas (mm²)0.10.1
    Minimum Defect Detection Area in the Text Area (mm²)0.150.15
    Minimum Defect Detection Area in the Background White Paper Area (mm²)0.30.3
    lt can be detected when the overprint deviation is ≥ 0.1mm
    lt can be detected when the color contrast is > 20DN
    Detectable printing defects: set-off, smearing, missing prints, ink stains, holes, bugs, dog ear, tearing, wrinkles, oil stains, ink skin, dry plates, strike-through printing, overall deviation of printing, and other defects.

    Favorable Factory Price

    The price range for A1 and A1+ offset printing presses can span a broad spectrum, typically starting from the lower tens of thousands for used equipment to several hundred thousand dollars for new machines.

    The price is influenced by factors such as the level of technological advancement, and the features included. For example, presses equipped with online detection systems, automated plate changing, and other high-end functionalities will command a premium. The condition of the machine—whether it’s new, used, or refurbished—also significantly impacts the price.

    Global Cases

    Poly Offset Printing Press Exported to Pakistan

    One of our customers from Pakistan invested in a new A1+ offset printing press from a renowned manufacturer with a fully automated control system, capable of high-speed printing and quick changeovers between jobs. The press included features like inline color measurement and adjustment, automatic plate loading, and a modular coating unit.

    PLZK16-100 Operated in the United Kingdom

    One of our Italian customers invested in an offset printing press with an online detection system specifically designed for newspaper production. This machine featured advanced capabilities such as UV-curing inks, which provide high-quality print finishes and are more environmentally friendly. The press was also equipped with a cutting-edge color management system to ensure color consistency across different batches.

    Customer Testimonials


    Solid Performance.

    When we decided to upgrade to a new A1 offset press, we knew it would be a leap in quality and capability. The press delivers exceptional print quality, and our clients have noticed the difference. However, there was a bit of a learning curve for our team, as this press is much more advanced than our previous equipment.

    Mohammed Hussaini Abu

    from Nigeria


    A Game-Changer for Our Publication Workflow.

    We’ve been using the A1+ offset printing press for about a year now, and it’s been nothing short of revolutionary for our business. The speed and efficiency with which we can now produce our magazines are incredible. The color consistency is spot-on.


    From Qatar

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